DCMA Schedule Analyzer forProject

DCMA Schedule Analyzer forProject

A simple, easy solution to the DCMA 14-point schedule analysis
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forProject Technology is pleased to announce the release of our latest product - DCMA Schedule Analyzer forProject! A simple, easy solution to the DCMA 14-point schedule analysis.
Developing and maintaining a sound Integrated Master Schedule (IMS) is fundamental to effective EVM. The Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) has developed a 14-point schedule assessment that is intended to highlight potential problem areas in an IMS as a means to improve schedule quality.

The DCMA 14-point analysis is considered by many to be a best practice even if your project does not have a contractual requirement. However, performing the analysis can be a time-consuming, painstaking and expensive process.

DCMA Schedule Analyzer forProject is an add-in for Microsoft Project that simplifies and streamlines the process of preparing the DCMA 14-point Schedule Analysis. With one click you can produce the metrics required to satisfy DCMA guidelines, and can quickly identify problem areas that may affect schedule quality.

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